Parish Giving Scheme

A better way to encourage giving in your church

Our church participates in the Parish Giving Scheme.

At present, a number of members donate collections in weekly envelopes or by a monthly standing order at the bank. We much appreciate your contributions.  The Parish Giving Scheme is an alternative which has a number of advantages over the above two systems. It is a secure and efficient Direct Debit based system. Tried and tested by over 24,000 people in 18 Dioceses, the Scheme is highly praised for its reliability and ease-of-use as a stress-free way to help manage your giving.  

Why give through the PGS

The team at PGS makes it safe and easy for you to give and just as safe and easy for your church to receive, easing the administration burden for treasurers and church volunteers.

Because we process regular donations and Gift Aid on your church’s behalf, every pound you donate can be put to Christian service in your community, free from time-consuming administration.

What are the benefits of the scheme?

As a donor, you will benefit from a system that is secure, confidential and easy to use, while supporting your church today and for the future.

This includes the capacity to increase your giving by the cost of living each year, if you choose. Through your generous commitment, your church can be assured of a regular source of income.

Why is the inflationary increase important?

One of the biggest problems faced by local churches is that of ‘static giving’. If giving levels had kept track with inflation since the year 2000, they would have increased by more than 50%!

A unique feature of the scheme is the option for you, as a donor, to commit in principle to increase your gift annually in line with inflation. While this is a voluntary decision, it is one that could potentially have a huge impact on the life and future of your church. You can change this commitment at any time, either by using your personal log-in on this website, or simply by contacting the PGS team.

How it Works

The scheme enables you to:

  • Donate monthly, quarterly or annually by Direct Debit
  • Sign up to inflation linked giving annually, if you choose
  • Enhance your gift to the parish by having Gift Aid at 25% added to your giving
  • Give anonymously, if you prefer
  • Donate securely

There are three ways in which you can set up a Direct Debit to donate regularly to your church or parish:

  • Via paper ‘Gift Form’ – available from your PGS parish representative
  • Via our telephone service on 0333 002 1271, Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm
  • Via the website
Setting up your regular giving

Parish Name: Blaydon St Cuthbert       PGS Parish Code: 130613088

By phone:

When you are ready to set up a new regular donation, you will need to have your personal bank account details, church/parish name and PGS parish code to hand (available from the PGS representative for your parish).

Then simply give us a call on 0333 002 1271, Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm, and we will take down all the information we need to complete your Direct Debit instruction for you. We will also ask about your preferences for opting in to Gift Aid, if you are eligible, and whether you would like to increase your gift annually by the rate of inflation.

The call usually takes about 10 minutes to complete. We will then send you a confirmation of your new gift by post or email.


The process starts on the unique page for the church you’d like to give to. Your church may have given you a QR code or URL link to take you straight to their page. Alternatively, you can use the ‘Find your parish’ search tool and type in the name of your church, parish and location. Click on your chosen church and you’ll be able to cross-check that it’s the right place, using the map, address details and description on that page.

When you arrive on the page for your chosen church, you simply click on the Donate button and follow the instructions on screen to set up your regular gift.

First, you’ll be asked to set up and activate a website account with us so that you can log-in securely.

Next, you’ll be guided through a simple form to provide your personal bank details, the value and frequency of your gift, the option to add Gift Aid, you can choose to increase your gift annually by the rate of inflation and decide whether you would prefer to give anonymously.

It only takes a few minutes to complete these steps online. Then, you’ll be able to log-in at any time to review your giving and personal details.

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