Prayer Week

Prayers for October

This month’s prayers were written by the Venerable Karen Lund,
Archdeacon of Manchester.

Sunday 4th October, 17th Sunday after Trinity
Holy God, in you we live and move and have our whole being. Thank you.
In such a time in our lives, we pray for the soul of our nation and in a time of on-going restlessness and challenge we ask for help to remain faithful.
Help us not to lose sight of the treasures and gifts that you give us to live out our precious lives; teach us gratitude and love and especially increase our persistence in bringing about your will, persevering always through love.
Lord God, we thank you for the abundance of all that you have provided for our well-being, for our bodies, our minds and our souls.
As we plan and work towards an abundant future for all children in our communities, give us the bread we need for today and teach us to feed the hungry, especially hungry children.
Remove the heart of stone that gives birth to greed, recklessness, misuse of the resources of the world and most fervently, we pray against the evils of child abuse of every kind. Remove the sin of wilful desire and evil and redeem us, O Lord.
Save us, O Lord our God, and gather us from among the nations, that we may give thanks to your holy name and glory in your praise.

Sunday 11th October, 18th Sunday after Trinity

Lord, thank you for being an all-inclusive God Thank you that your heart welcomes us all.
We pray for those places in our society where doors remain shut out of prejudice and bias, and ask that misunderstanding may be exchanged for a desire to know others in your creation.
We pray that we may learn from our failures both wilful and unintentional.
We pray against the horrors of the past –the slavery of humans and animal creatures and the misuse of our environment. Instead we pray that we might be infused with love and openness and be willing to share this with all we encounter.
We pray especially for The Children’s Society in their campaigning for an end to child injustices, that every child will be free from all forms of exploitation and know the freedom to love and be loved safely and unconditionally.
With you, there is an open table for all your children; help us to make this real in our everyday lives as a sign of the kingdom amongst us. As we contemplate spiritual banquets, may our earthly banquets be rich and inclusive with the laughter of children, with the sounds of happiness, exploration and fun.
Save us all, O Lord our God, and gather us from among the nations, that we may give thanks to your holy name and glory in your praise.

Sunday 18th October, 19th Sunday after Trinity
Lord, you call us to collaborate in the work of the Kingdom. You call us to bring peace where there is disharmony, to walk and work together, to be partners in the Gospel of Christ
Lord, you ask us to recognise the challenges of sowing and reaping and harvesting, but to continue the work.
Give us courage for the sake of our children, for the sake of the young ones who work alongside us now and who will become the future leaders in our Church.
Give us boldness when we encounter obstruction, or when love is rejected;
when we are welcomed or dismissed; when we are both heard and unheard.
Let us always return to you and to one another in joy, knowing that our giving is known and received by the angels and the whole host of heaven of which we are apart.
We pray for those who have known rejection as children and those who have been unable to protect themselves.
Lord,you are our protector. Thank you that for each of us, there is always a place where you find us in our uniqueness of being, male and female, child and adult.
In this month in which we learn from the lives of black people, we give thanks for their contributions May we find a united spirit of celebration for life in its rich diversity.

Sunday 25th October, Last Sunday after Trinity
Lord, we pray for all our children finding their way into new ways of doing school over the last few weeks. We give thanks for those who adore it and we pray for those who find it difficult or overwhelming.
We pray for those who have felt happy to return and for those whose school lives are difficult through lack of friends or feeling depressed. We also pray for those who are hungry and for those whose poverty impacts the experience and enjoyment of being a pupil.
We give thanks for those who teach and serve our children in the Church, in education and in the community.
Let us pray for The Children’s Society and for their 10-year plan seeking to create a fairer society for our children. We pray that all children will experience fairness of living and that we will do all that we can to achieve this.
Thank you, Lord, that you offer the gift of all gifts to every child in every circumstance and situation. It is the gift of Love.
May love be our guide in our work and our praying and our living.
May love be the truth that every child seeks and every child deserves, regardless of creed or colour, poverty or riches.
Love is always his meaning and we pray, Divine God, that our meaning will always be love.

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