Prayer for the week

This month’s prayers were written by the Venerable Karen Lund,
Archdeacon of Manchester.

Sunday 25th October, Last Sunday after Trinity
Lord, we pray for all our children finding their way into new ways of doing school over the last few weeks. We give thanks for those who adore it and we pray for those who find it difficult or overwhelming.
We pray for those who have felt happy to return and for those whose school lives are difficult through lack of friends or feeling depressed. We also pray for those who are hungry and for those whose poverty impacts the experience and enjoyment of being a pupil.
We give thanks for those who teach and serve our children in the Church, in education and in the community.
Let us pray for The Children’s Society and for their 10-year plan seeking to create a fairer society for our children. We pray that all children will experience fairness of living and that we will do all that we can to achieve this.
Thank you, Lord, that you offer the gift of all gifts to every child in every circumstance and situation. It is the gift of Love.
May love be our guide in our work and our praying and our living.
May love be the truth that every child seeks and every child deserves, regardless of creed or colour, poverty or riches.
Love is always his meaning and we pray, Divine God, that our meaning will always be love.

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