Parish prayer booklet

Parish of Blaydon & Swalwell

for keeping the faith aflame while at home
with thanks to Rev’d Arwem Folkes

from All Saints Day into Advent

Morning Prayer                                          
Compline Night Prayer                                
Psalms and Readings                                  
Collects and Other Prayers                        
Resources and links                                    


This booklet is for this second wave of the pandemic and for this darker season as we move from All Saints into Advent. These resources will hopefully help us to remain close to the presence of Christ, especially in these difficult days. My hope is that we gather as the Body of Christ even when were physically apart through us all praying the same prayers each day. I encourage us all to get into the rhythm of saying morning and night prayer every day, or focus on whichever prayer best works for you and build your rhythm around this.  Please know that the Church is praying always and by using these resources we join in this wider community of prayer.

One family, we dwell in him, one Church, above, beneath; – Charles Wesley


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