Parish Giving Scheme

A better way to encourage giving in your church

Our church participates in the Parish Giving Scheme.

At present, a number of members donate collections in weekly envelopes or by a monthly standing order at the bank. We much appreciate your contributions.  The Parish Giving Scheme is an alternative which has a number of advantages over the above two systems. It is a secure and efficient Direct Debit based system. Tried and tested by over 24,000 people in 18 Dioceses, the Scheme is highly praised for its reliability and ease-of-use as a stress-free way to help manage your giving.  

Your direct debit will be processed monthly, quarterly or annually on the 1st of the month, based on your preference. Your full gift and any eligible Gift Aid is automatically credited to the church the same month. You can choose to inflation-proof your gift each year, which will make a real difference to your church’s finances.

The church is subject to inflation, eroding the value of your gifts. The Parish Giving Scheme tackles this by enabling you to choose to increase your giving annually in line with inflation. If you choose an inflationary increase the scheme will write to you on the anniversary of your gift to inform you of the increase, keeping you in total control.

At any time, a simple phone call is all it takes to change or cancel your gift.

If you have any questions or comments, please speak to your church wardens.  Please let us know if you might be interested in joining this scheme and we can provide additional information.

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